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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Flektagon 35mm f2.4

This lens has amazing close focusing abilities. The above image was taken just a few inches away from the cake, at wide open aperture of f2.4 using the Canon 30D. The sharpness, resolution power and colour rendition is A+.

What you see in this photo is the exact image with no major post processing except for resizing and a minor USM for web display.

This is among the best lens for 35mm in M42 mount.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger mdw said...

When I was using my Praktica as a better point and shoot many years ago, Flektogon 2.4/35 MC was the lens I used. Very rarely my MTL 5 ever saw other lens. Even after I started to shoot more seriously, F35 remained to be my favorite lens for landscape, it's sharp, contrasty, excellent color rendition, fairly resistant to flare, has matched rectangular hood, is quite small and focuses to some 15 cm. After putting it on my 20D and sorting out some adapter trouble (for some reason it did not focus to infinity with my Hama adapter, that works with other lenses) I discovered, that there's something wrong with this lens. My F35 has distinctly blurred right edge of the picture. It seemed to be there for some time, since I can find this in my film pictures now when I know what look for. It's pity, because the Flektogon pictures are otherwise great. In the end, I bought CZ Distagon 2,8/35. I haven't yet performed any comparisons.


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